Services Terms & Conditions


We will provide our services for a fixed quarterly subscription fee – currently (for 2018) £340 + VAT of £68.00 = £408.00.  A 5% discount is available if a full years fees are invoiced and paid in advance

This fee will be subject to review annually and is charged in advance.

The fee does not, however, cover the following work, which we would be happy to undertake subject to our agreeing with you in advance what our related fees would be:

-       Resolving any tax problem relating to your company or yourself inherited at the date that we are engaged.

-       Acting on your behalf in any HMIT / Customs and Excise / DSS inspection of the company's or your accounting records.

-       Dealing with any HMIT / Customs and Excise / DSS queries about the company's or your affairs.

-       Handling any additional matters that would require a significant amount of time.

-       Limited Company cessation,

If any fees remain outstanding 7 days after the due date without our prior agreement, no further work will be carried out on behalf of either the company or your own affairs until the arrears have been cleared.


This contract will be for a minimum period of one year. After the first year this contract will continue unless it is terminated by either party serving three months notice in writing.

Any normal work, such as the completion of the annual accounts, commenced by Account Direct Ltd during the notice period will be completed. No additional work will be commenced after the end of the notice period.

Once agreed, these terms will remain effective until amended or replaced

Deemed Acceptance.

You are required to accept the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement in order for you to receive our services. If you wish to decline our services, you must reject this Agreement prior to our sevices being used. If you have not rejected the Agreement prior to this, you will be deemed to have automatically accepted our services and all the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. Deemed acceptance will allow our services to be offered to you in a timely manner.


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